Back Safety for Healthcare Training Kit

ABC-K09-066 - Back Safety for Healthcare Training Kit

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This training program applies to healthcare employees whose job requires them to lift patients or heavy objects.  Lifting and moving patients is a large part of the work performed by healthcare workers and results in the profession having one of the highest back injury rates in the nation.

The program covers general back safety information along with healthcare-specific information:

  • Structure of the back
  • Common back problems
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • How to maintain a healthy back (includes exercises)
  • Lateral transfers and repositioning
  • Moving a patient from bed to wheelchair
  • Moving a patient from wheelchair to bed
  • If a patient falls...

Materials are available as a kit or separately.  The kit contains:

  • Training Video (DVD or VHS)
  • Leader's Guide (Video program outline, quiz, answer key, training log, certificate, more information resources)
  • Back Safety Powerpoint Presentation
  • Back Safety Manual (printable, on CD)