GHS-Chemical Labels Training Kit

ABC-K12-103 - GHS-Chemical Labels Training Kit

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The GHS-Chemical Labels Training Video reviews the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1200 with specific emphasis on labels. The video explains the mandated information on labels:

  1. Product Identifier
  2. Pictograms
  3. Signal Word
  4. Hazard Statements
  5. Precautionary Statements
  6. Supplier Information

The video also answers questions such as:

  • When is labeling required?
  • If a chemical is transferred from a primary container to a secondary container, must it be labeled?
  • Do all containers need to be labeled?
  • When are signs, placards, process sheets, batch tickets, et al, applicable?

Included with each video (DVD or VHS) is the printable Leader's Guide on CD, which includes the following:

  • Video Program Outline Quiz (English & Spanish)
  • Answer Key
  • Training Log / Sign-in Form
  • Certificate
  • List of Site Specific Information
  • Wallet Card / ID Card

The training Kit includes the DVD or VHS and a CD-Rom containing the following: PowerPoint Presentation (#PP12-103) & Manual (M12-103).