Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens  

Bloodborne Pathogens

NEW!  Help protect employees from the dangers of bloodborne pathogens with the Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens training kit.  This training package helps companies meet the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (1910.1030)

The kit includes:

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Kit (General)

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Kit (Healthcare)

Forklift Safety

NEW!  The Forklift Safety Training Kit meets the formal instruction requirement of OSHA's 1910.178(l)(2)(ii). Covered in this training:

The kit includes:

Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit

Forklift Operator Safety Training
Lockout Tagout Compliance Program 29 CFR 1910.147  

This training program was produced to help companies comply with the OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy Standard.

Information presented in the program includes: Major compliance requirements, General concepts & procedures, Locking & tagging Electrical, Hydraulic, Pnuematic & other systems.

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Back Safety Meeting Kit

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  This training program was specifically produced to help companies train employees and reduce back injuries.

Information presented in the program includes: How the back works, Types & causes of back injuries, Injury prevention & safety practices, Proper lifting techniques.

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